IV Salón Internacional de Berga - Tirabol 2019


AUTHOR Image title awards
Moreno Cendros, Maria Nuria Play4 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Montivero, Raul En el Atrio View
Montivero, Raul Tempano Solitario View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Cheung, Sinkai Cowboy 6 View
Chu, Chen Bounce View
Chu, Chen Lost View
Chu, Chen Yearning View
Filiaggi, Nadia Lonely Walk View
Hammer, Jacqueline A Long Way to the Top View
Hammer, Jacqueline In Utero View
Hammer, Jacqueline Water Drops View
Mckie, Georgie Rolling Hills View
Watson, Graeme Womens Rugby Union 2 View
Yong, Robin The Winter Mind View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Lahodny, Hans Pattern View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Cochain, Vincent Dans le noir View
Cochain, Vincent Deesses 1 View
Discart, Chris lotus View
Discart, Chris verward View
Lemmens, Jef Passion View
Stalmans, Luc Walking back to Happiness II View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Luo, Robin Dragon Boat Race View
Luo, Robin Flamenco Melody View
Luo, Robin Time Take Turns View
Tam, Kam Chiu Defending View
Tam, Kam Chiu Girl in veil View
Tam, Kam Chiu Studying in a big hall View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chai, Jiajun India19 View
Huang, Haiyan Frigate bird21 View
Long, Fengying Oriental Stork1 View
Lu, Ping Ink cents cents2 View
Lu, Ping Wonderland Sequoia forest View
Wan, Yi girl chasing game 2M View
Wan, Yi leopard 9 View
Ye, Wei Blessing View
Ye, Wei Past years View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Demetriades, Marios Demetriades Lost Love1 View
Eliades, Irene 3. THE STAIRCASE View
Eliades, Irene 4. UNI LIBRARY View
Kyprianou, Klea Edro III Paphos View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ekstrom, Jan Spirals View
Ekstrom, Jan Up and Down View
Taukojärvi, Jouko Osprey with Good Catch View
Taukojärvi, Jouko Taj Mahal2 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Amenta, Armand Escalator blanc View
Banq, Jean la liseuse et le chien View
Banq, Jean le chemin de croix View
Banq, Jean voluptuous movement View
Chatelais, Catherine Dans ma cabine View
Chatelais, Jean-louis Suivre la voie View
Domange, Fernand Alpages View
Domange, Fernand Supernatural View
Dumangin, Jacky En Foret View
Francès, Georges Girls View
Garreta, Joaquim Alain View
Garreta, Joaquim La Defense View
Garreta, Joaquim La main View
Gorse, Gerard Vitra musee View
Mathias, Gerard Monastic school View
Mathias, Gerard Train departure View
Miojevic, Veronique REFLECTION View
Miojevic, Veronique THE BOOK MONO View
Miojevic, Veronique THE MIRROR MONO View
Paris, Trinley Quelques fois si doux View
Saleilles, Jean Silhouette sur etang View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bruder, Ursula Lofoten sunset 5 sw View
Bruder, Ursula shy sw View
Bücker, Holger Above and Below - Shake BRONZE MEDAL FAF View
Bücker, Holger Niklas Kahl of Lord of the Lost View
Essig, Michael PictureView View
Essig, Michael ten floors upstairs View
Essig, Michael winding path View
Moellgaard, Hendrik Leuphana1_sw View
Retter, Silvana Reborn View
Riehle, Gunther elephant seal pup on beach hi 100 BEST AUTHOR View
Riehle, Gunther parallel smoking 4 BEST AUTHOR View
Riehle, Gunther shanghai night bmw w BEST AUTHOR View
Schwinges, Klaus Schimpanse 2 View
Seichter, Roland Morning Snow View
Seichter, Roland Piaggio View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chan, H. W. Lecture word Bw View
Choi, Lewis K. Y. Good Racer 5 View
Lee, Hon-kwong Cups and medals mania 02 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Danis, Janos Sisters Love View
Gorotyak, Daniella Alone View
Németh, Gyula Evening prayer View
Németh, Gyula Field bouquet 2 View
Racz, Peter Lightning storm View
Racz, Peter Sheep Creek View
Racz, Peter Uttakleiv II View
Szabo, Janos The sky breaker View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Banerjee, Sounak Patterns on Bus View
Bose, Sanjay PINCH OF PAIN View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Somali-chow, David Beautiful ladies inspecting the work bw View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bushe, Catherine Approaching the corner View
Bushe, Catherine Downtown View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Goldin , Leonid TEXAS View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bardossi, Virgilio Towards the pasture View
Bolognesi, Laura 4 WHITE VORTEX View
De Leonardis, Roberto China112 View
De Leonardis, Roberto Lonely1 View
Favalli, Emanuele ultimo tiro View
Maina, Andrea The spiral factory road View
Martini, Maurizio L'isola che non c'è View
Nuti, Giovanni open space View
Pelle, Francesco Noccioli View
Tagliani, Roberto Intraclouds View
Tagliani, Roberto Rockets View
Tagliani, Roberto Shooting in the storm View
Tomelleri, Giuseppe Fog on the hills nr.1 View
Tomelleri, Giuseppe Fog on the hills nr.2 View
Tomelleri, Giuseppe Fog on the hills nr.3 MENTION CEF View
Tomelleri, Giuseppe Fog on the hills nr.4 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Teo, Chin Leong Children Happy Jump BW 4 View
Teo, Chin Leong Green Fishing Nets BW 2 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Baqi, Abdul Dance of White View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Kieffer, Christian Arhuaco Colombian indigenous View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Airosa, Alexandrino Lei Buffalo bathing 03 View
Airosa, Alexandrino Lei To be No1 View
Kong, Ka-pak Morning Cattle in Trees View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Fong, Chanonn Flat High Rise View
Fong, Chanonn Quiet Morning View
Ng, Kiah Hwa Horse Herder In Black & White View
Ng, Kiah Hwa Horse Herder In Black & White II View
Wee Kee, Edwin Ong A Scrap Metal View
Wee Kee, Edwin Ong Eagle Hunt Training View
Wee Kee, Edwin Ong Mangrove On The Beach View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Catania, Gottfried City of Arts and Sciences 1 View
Catania, Gottfried Tulip Staircase London View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Min, Hlaing Myint Craftman View
Min, Hlaing Myint Fisherman View
Min, Hlaing Myint Painting Umbrellas View
Min, Hlaing Myint Young Learner View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Limberg, Huib Following my shadow View
Limberg, Huib Let there be LIGHT View
Limberg, Huib View from the 4th floor View
Limberg, Huib Walking the 3d floor View
Lybaert, Daniel Familieportret kuifmakaken View
Lybaert, Daniel Jong olifantje in ZwW View
Lybaert, Daniel Kuifmakaken in tegenlicht in ZwW View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chan, Samuel Dream garden in summer View
Chan, Samuel Lamp and staircase View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Rahman, Sami Ur cows1 View
Rahman, Sami Ur cows2 View
Rahman, Sami Ur cows3 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Al-mushaifri, Abdulla Door OF Success View
Al-mushaifri, Abdulla Tate View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Negrea, Eugen Temps passes View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bingham, Richard The Shelter View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Jevtic, Radivoje Shell View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Tan, Lee Eng Ballet Lady 13 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Fletcher, Simon View Of PE Six Pack View
La Grange, Christo Dandelion in the Wind_2 View
La Grange, Christo Line Basket_2 View
La Grange, Christo Spinning Wheel_2 View
La Grange , Marleen Walking in the rain_1 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Aguilera Vilamajó , Neus farina View
Aguilera Vilamajó , Neus FÀTIMA View
Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Pedro Luís Nocaut View
Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Pedro Luís Spider in the city View
Alasraki Alberti, Carles Boira View
Almendros Picazo, Francisco cartel 2 View
Amuchastegui Esnaola, Jose Angel El mirador View
Amuchastegui Esnaola, Jose Angel El solitario View
Barbany Bosch, Toni bombetes View
Barbany Bosch, Toni fantasia View
Barbany Bosch, Toni simetria View
Biosca Rabanaque, Mar Homosapiens View
Biosca Rabanaque, Mar Models View
Biosca Rabanaque, Mar Soldier View
Bonallach Aguado, Jaume Procesión del Rocio View
Bonallach Aguado, Jaume Revelación View
Caballero Miralles, Pedro Futbol americano View
Calle García, Luis Ghost and black sabbat View
Carmona Monje, Jose En el bar View
Checa Colmena, Javier Entre Girasoles View
Coca ávila, Francisco Javier Espejos Infinitos View
Coca ávila, Francisco Javier La peluquería View
Diaz Ruiz De La Hermosa, Juan Antonio Gotham View
Diaz Ruiz De La Hermosa, Juan Antonio La Cobra View
Diaz Ruiz De La Hermosa, Juan Antonio Luz View
Diaz Ruiz De La Hermosa, Juan Antonio Millenium View
Domènech Aguilà, Josep Ramon Homeless1 View
Domènech Aguilà, Josep Ramon Homeless2 View
Duran Guinot, Juan Luis El jugador View
Duran Guinot, Juan Luis La escalera View
Duran Guinot, Juan Luis Oracion View
Duran Guinot, Juan Luis Sorprendido View
Elarre Sastre, Gorka El pianista View
Elarre Sastre, Gorka Mono-Cromo View
Enriquez Calo, Adolfo cars View
Enriquez Calo, Adolfo Light rays View
Estefanía Flaño, José Alfredo TALADRANDO View
Estrada Ferrer, Miquel Estadi olimpic View
Fernández Gómez, Francisco Javier A seis manos View
Fernández Gómez, Francisco Javier Higado View
Fernández Gómez, Francisco Javier Trabajo en equipo HONOURABLE MENTIONS FIAP View
Fernandez Rubiales, Salvador Memoria Historica View
Frias Pérez, Carlos 3 bandas View
Frias Pérez, Carlos Harmonia View
Frias Pérez, Carlos Serena mirada View
Garcia Pitarch, Pili Nocturn Arts-B View
García Sánchez, Juan Paternidad tatuada View
Garcia Silva, Diego ENAMORADOS View
Garcia Silva, Diego SOMBRA Y LUZ View
Gomila Mulet, Joan Antoni Defending bw View
Guijarro Carril, Tino Lupus 3 GOLD MEDAL FIAP View
Guijarro Carril, Tino Pànic View
Gurruchaga Garagarza, José Agustín el violinista View
Gurruchaga Garagarza, José Agustín en la escuela View
Gurruchaga Garagarza, José Agustín la bailarina GOLD MEDAL PSA View
Heredia Gonzalbez, Miguel A.. Descanso View
Heredia Gonzalbez, Miguel A.. Lluvia View
Herrero Zarzoso, Fernando Bicis de alquiler View
Herrero Zarzoso, Fernando Reflections in black View
Herrero Zarzoso, Fernando Urbs XI View
Herrero Zarzoso, Fernando Urbs XV View
Justicia Carrasco, Francisco Jose Hello? View
Justicia Celdran, Pedro José GHOTIC View
Lacunza Nasterra, Txema Camino a la ermita View
Lacunza Nasterra, Txema Dos solitarios View
Lacunza Nasterra, Txema Line out View
Lara Cordobes, Jose FUGA DE PERRO View
Lara Cordobes, Jose MUCO 53 A View
Leandro Serrano, Luis El equilibrista View
Leandro Serrano, Luis Reflejos View
Leandro Serrano, Luis Vuelo View
López Cepero Mateos, Manuel TIEMPO PASADO View
López Flores, María Escalera al vacío View
López Flores, María Estrés laboral View
Luque Ledesma, Yolanda Priscilla View
Manzano Iglesias, José Manuel EN EL PUENTE View
March, Cesar Bellús View
March, Cesar Melé MENTION PSA View
March, Cesar Rudy View
March, Cesar Titanic Museum View
Mariscal López, Juan S Santa View
Maroto Torralba, Pau Soledad View
Marquez De La Rubia, Africa Alegria View
Marti Rocabruna, Lorenzo barcas View
Marti Rocabruna, Lorenzo edifici MENTION PSA View
Marti Rocabruna, Lorenzo hilton View
Marti Rocabruna, Lorenzo solsona View
Mimó Bayo, Joan Ciutat de les arts View
Molist I Vilanova, Josep Maria Gratacels View
Molist I Vilanova, Josep Maria Llac de Nuria View
Moneny Márquez, Josep Miquel NINETTE 1 View
Montserrat Ribes, José Maria Jaque mate! View
Morales Clavijo, Fernando Caracolette View
Morales Ogalla, Gaspar Islandia 1 View
Moreno Villar, Santos Soccer on the beach View
Moreno Zaldivar, Fernando En Linea View
Muniategui Puig, Norberta Menorca View
Muñoz Alba, José Antonio CARRO DE CARTONES View
Muñoz Ramos, Francisco Brujas View
Murillo López, Víctor Sr. Mossen View
Navarro Cantavella, Alberto Largos instantes View
Noguero Cazorla, Andreu Monjo View
Olive Olive, Josep Ninette View
Olivera Amaya, Miguel Madre View
Olivera Amaya, Miguel Ojo View
Oriol Riera, Cosme SORAYA con velo View
Ortiz Cordero, Miguel Angel (mikel Cordero) Lluvia sobre mojado View
Ortiz Cordero, Miguel Angel (mikel Cordero) Un poco de calma View
Ortiz Moreno, Javier Enamorados View
Ortiz Moreno, Javier Flecha View
Ortiz Moreno, Javier Geometria eliptica View
Pascual Soler , Carmen La pequeña bailarina View
Pascual Soler , Carmen Paula View
Pérez Mañosas, Lluís Procesión View
Perez Murguiondo, Ibon Black cubes View
Perez Murguiondo, Ibon Perfect couples View
Planas Salvador, Mª Victoria The tree View
Planas Salvador, Mª Victoria Tian y su buey View
Puigcerver Oliván, Manel Flexible desnudez View
Quesada Belmonte, Gregorio mirando al conejo View
Rodríguez Salgado, Fernando La Playa View
Rodríguez Salgado, Fernando Subir(BasilicaStEstebanBudapest) View
Ruiz Dueso, Jorge Big City View
Ruiz Dueso, Jorge Sunrise explosion View
Ruiz Dueso, Jorge Tránsito BRONZE MEDAL FCF View
Ruiz Dueso, Jorge Two Towers View
Sanchez Marcos, Antonio Animas View
Sangenís Biosca, Francisco Punta de Jandía - 1 View
Sanz Bernal, Mar Espacios en blanco 1 View
Sanz Bernal, Mar Espacios en blanco 2 MENTION PSA View
Sanz Bernal, Mar Espacios en blanco 3 View
Sanz Bernal, Mar Espacios en blanco 4 View
Satriani Calvi, Giuseppe Perspectiva1 View
Satriani Calvi, Giuseppe Perspectiva2 View
Serrano Mira, Pedro PENITENTES View
Taltavull Salord, Josep Bodega 1 View
Taltavull Salord, Josep Bodega 4 View
Tejada Dominguez, Francisco Lineas y Sombras View
Tejada Dominguez, Francisco Subida View
Varela Cousillas, Jose Ramon La pesada levedad del vacio View
Ventura Carbó, Jordi Retorn View
Vigo Arjona, Antonio City of arts View
Virgilio, Hernando Entre el cielo y la tierra View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Csomortani, Istvan Bad Boys View
Csomortani, Istvan Balance of Life View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Aemmer, Elisabeth Ligth and shade View
Aemmer, Elisabeth Vitra View
Albrecht, Urs Lyon View
Albrecht, Urs Oceanographic View
Zurmühle, Martin Sensitivity BW View
Zurmühle, Martin Small Hills and Lakes BW View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Lee, Hsiu-chin Two little guesses-01 View
Tzeng, Chin-fa Water Ballet with morning oblique light View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chaturapitapon, Duangmon Shellfish Farm View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ceylani, Abdullah Yalcin die trauer DIPLOMA CHAIRMAN View
Ceylani, Abdullah Yalcin mist View
Yilmaz, Gul slipper View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Malek, Nasser 1125 View
Malek, Nasser The Butcher DIPLOMA View
Malek, Nasser The Key View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ashton, Charles Self Service View
Baines, Anthony J Baines Dancing in the Moonlight View
Baines, Anthony J Baines The Tate Modern Question Mark SILVER MEDAL CEF View
Charnock, Nigel Goodman's Gaggle View
Charnock, Nigel Underpass View
Daffin, Stuart Pensive View
Field, Steve C Jump View
Field, Steve Sorrow View
Field, Steve The Leap View
Jenkin, Malcolm Climbing Iguana View
Mohanraj, Arun VOLLEY DIPLOMA View
Seddon, Diane Let Us Pray MENTION CEF View
Stuart, David Gritty Industry View
Stuart, David Spanning the Humber DIPLOMA View
Winston, Richard Sun Worshippers View
Woolgar, Christine Curves and Rocks View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bailey, Richard Morning View
Bailey, Richard Oh Yes View
Bui, Triet Prepare the Lunch View
Carr, Randy Pile Driver View
Figuccio, Albert Great Airshow Performance View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Huynh Nam, Dong Khoc View
Huynh Nam, Dong Vu dieu ngay mua View
Le, Duc Toai New Day View
Le, Duc Toai Sea farning man View
Le, Duc Toai Summer day View
Nguyen, Duy Tuong Children in high land 2 View
Nguyen, Duy Tuong Hard working 4 View