XXXI Certamen Fotográfico Internacional - El trabajo y los oficios


AUTHOR Image title awards
Somma, Luis Fernando Amaneciendo View
Somma, Luis Fernando Témpano View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Benson, Ruth Water and Light View
Cheung, Sinkai Bashang 9 View
Chu, Chen Breakthrough View
Chu, Chen Reflection View
Chu, Chen Take Advantage View
Gustavson, Corliss Sideways stare View
Hammer, Jacqueline Caught in the Chasm View
Hammer, Jacqueline Red Ball View
Mckie, Georgie Ahuriri 2 View
Mckie, Georgie The Little Visitor View
Mckie, Ron Ahuriri3945 View
Walker, Helen Embrace View
Walker, Helen Gracing The Sky View
Watson, Graeme Board Rider 1 View
Watson, Graeme Ostrich 2 View
Watson, Graeme Silvereye Eating Berries 4 View
Yong, Robin Betta Splendens Royale View
Yong, Robin Blue Vipers HONOURABLE MENTION FIAP View
Yong, Robin From the depths of the Forest View
Yong, Robin The Madhatters Tea Party View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bozic, Boris Wedding View
Hammer, Franz angry View
Lahodny, Hans San Marco View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Pedro Luís Child and Labyrinth View
Ajuriaguerra Saiz, Pedro Luís Giants of the city View
Gurruchaga Garagarza, José Agustín la chica del turbante View
Gurruchaga Garagarza, José Agustín la chica y el libro I View
Gurruchaga Garagarza, José Agustín miradas que hablan View
Ortiz Moreno, Javier Chimeneas View
Ortiz Moreno, Javier Tijera View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Discart, Chris caraibian houses View
Discart, Chris two brothers on the train View
Lemmens, Jef Lapland trees View
Simon, Claude May in Deadvlei View
Stalmans, Luc Bellezza Italiana View
Stalmans, Luc Somnium Veram Evadit View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Tam, Kam Chiu Painful View
Tam, Kam Chiu Stop the horse View
Ye, Danlei Hummingbird32 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chai, Jiajun land Iguana1 View
Chen, Xinxin Grab sheep on horse 6 View
Sun, Chengbo Dafeng scenery1 View
Sun, Chengbo Enjoy the world 4 View
Sun, Chengbo Jinyun fairyland View
Sun, Chengbo Picturesque South Bay View
Wan, Yi Bath 21 View
Wan, Yi Flowers 6 View
Wan, Yi Grandpa And Grandson View
Ye, Wei Dawn of Taj Mahal View
Ye, Wei Miao village in autumn View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Demetriades, Marios Demetriades Passion View
Eliades, Irene 1. ORIENTAL HEART View
Eliades, Irene 2. EN POINTE View
Eliades, Irene 4. BALANCING ACT View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Molina, Olga Dos Rosas View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Vahaettala, Marjukka Angry Bird DIPLOMA View
Vahaettala, Marjukka Bow View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Amenta, Armand Cueillette du the View
Banq, Jean conception biologique View
Banq, Jean l espoir View
Bernamont, Laurence Petits Curieux View
Bernamont, Laurence Sourire View
Chatelais, Catherine Montée au volcan View
Domange, Fernand Coquelicot-s-ouvrant View
Domange, Fernand Toscane View
Garreta, Joaquim Automne View
Garreta, Joaquim Orage View
Mathias, Gerard In the pond View
Morio, Françoise Pura Vida View
Paris, Trinley Mandy la fee View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bruder, Ursula Lofoten aurora 1 View
Bücker, Holger Chris Harms - Creating Galaxies View
Bücker, Holger Class Grenayde - Shout it out View
Kluger, Manfred autumn leaves-2 MENTION PSA View
Kluger, Manfred fiery-1 View
Kluger, Manfred flower power-2 View
Laskowski, Renja Bildbetrachtung View
Moellgaard, Hendrik Shake it View
Moellgaard, Hendrik Watchful Eye GOLD MEDAL FIAP View
Riehle, Gunther adult and chick snow storm 401 View
Schwinges, Klaus Beschuetzt HONOURABLE MENTION FIAP View
Seichter, Roland Mistz Morning View
Seichter, Roland Winter Tree View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chan, H. W. Beautiful ice_C12 View
Chan, H. W. Belong to her world View
Chan, H. W. Shrimp hunting ground View
Kwan, Wing Ho brick transport View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Aczel, Peter Baroque View
Danis, Janos Present View
Gorotyak, Daniella Molly II View
Kiss, Andrea Glowing sunset View
Kiss, Andrea Resting time View
Németh, Gyula Kestrels View
Németh, Gyula Morning lights View
Racz, Peter Shaman and the Milky Way View
Szabo, Janos Lighting in the town View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Banerjee, Sounak Smoking n Naga Sadhu View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Somali-chow, David Incredible beauty of Aurora View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Maher, Paul Morning Reflections View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Harel, Gilad Cranes at sunrise View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bardossi, Virgilio Late night View
Gaberthuel, Walter Autumn Silence View
Marchi, Franco Kingfisher with fish and leaf View
Marchi, Franco Starlings in flight after bathroom View
Martini, Maurizio Bruma sulle crete View
Martini, Maurizio Chianti View
Nuti, Giovanni the blond plait View
Pelle, Francesco Marche landscape 2 View
Tagliani, Roberto Jewels View
Tomelleri, Giuseppe Comacchio in the rain nr.1 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bogdanov, Alexandr Autumn Mood View
Bogdanov, Alexandr The Sunchaser View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Hilbert, Paul Fighting the winter View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Airosa, Alexandrino Lei Arrival View
Kong, Ka-pak Please Do Not Cry View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Fong, Chanonn Crowded Train2 View
Fong, Chanonn Rolex water City View
Fong, Chanonn Salt Collection2 View
Fong, Chanonn Water City3 View
Ng, Kiah Hwa Net Working BRONZE MEDAL FCF View
Ng, Kiah Hwa The Charging Horses View
Ng, Kiah Hwa Waving Fishing Nets View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Min, Hlaing Myint Our Duties In Life BEST AUTHOR View
Min, Hlaing Myint Painters BEST AUTHOR View
Min, Hlaing Myint Praying Novices BEST AUTHOR View
Min, Hlaing Myint Umbrella Makers BEST AUTHOR / MENTION CEF View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Boehle, Rob Anna op de toog View
Boehle, Rob cubes in star formation View
Limberg, Huib And then there was LIGHT View
Limberg, Huib Springmorning View
Lybaert, Daniel 4 Kuifmakaken View
Lybaert, Daniel Drie Japanse makakenkoppen View
Lybaert, Daniel Kleine acrobaat View
Lybaert, Daniel Liefkozing View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ten Tusscher, Rob Crow Forest-01 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chan, Samuel Colour pool in Yellowstone View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Synnevaag, Roald Alvoen View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Rahman, Sami Ur Powder View
Rahman, Sami Ur work1 View
Rahman, Sami Ur work2 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Muskalski, Krzysztof Icebergs View
Muskalski, Krzysztof Trio View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Al-mushaifri, Abdulla With My Dreams View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Calin, Rucsandra From my grandmother s pantry MENTION PSA View
Nagy, Lajos Cleaning of molds View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Kanunnikov, Viktor Bangladesh girl 2 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bingham, Richard Coniston Rainbow View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Tan, Lee Eng Horseherding 4 View
Tan, Lee Eng Mongol Horses Sunset View
Teo, Chin Leong Blue Fishing Nets 1 View
Teo, Chin Leong Farmer and Buffaloes Colour View
Teo, Chin Leong Three Small Frogs 1 View
Teo, Chin Leong Two Girls Sand Dune 1 MENTION PSA View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Fletcher, Simon At The Drinking Hole View
Fletcher, Simon Sunrise Battle View
Fletcher, Simon Wildebeest In Sand Storm View
La Grange, Christo Colour Run View
La Grange , Marleen Time flies View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Almar Benito, Manel Red poppy View
Amaya Montero, María Luisa mirame View
Amuchastegui Esnaola, Jose Angel El caserio View
Bonallach Aguado, Jaume Atrapadas View
Briz Ponce, Carlos Paseo maritimo View
Caballe Miquel, Manel Cabells de colors View
Calle García, Luis Aquellarre de fantasmas en Montserrat View
Calle García, Luis Dame algo View
Carmona Monje, Jose El pensador View
Carmona Monje, Jose Ser o no ser View
Choliz, Santiago rugby 01 View
Choliz, Santiago rugby 06 View
Choliz, Santiago yassmine 7 View
Diaz Ruiz De La Hermosa, Juan Antonio En mis sueños View
Diaz Ruiz De La Hermosa, Juan Antonio Toledo View
Díez De Los Ríos López, José LA ESPERA View
Elarre Sastre, Gorka Artista urbano View
Elarre Sastre, Gorka Caracol sediento View
Elarre Sastre, Gorka Tentempié View
Enriquez Calo, Adolfo Extreme surf View
Estefanía Flaño, José Alfredo COMIENZA EL FRIO View
Garcia Silva, Diego GUAPA View
Gomila Mulet, Joan Antoni Resisting the storm View
Heredia Gonzalbez, Miguel A.. Amanece View
Heredia Gonzalbez, Miguel A.. Copula View
Heredia Gonzalbez, Miguel A.. Cormoranes View
Herrero Zarzoso, Fernando Al final del otoño View
Herrero Zarzoso, Fernando Curruca en amarillos View
Herrero Zarzoso, Fernando Peti en su reflejo View
Jimenez Aibar, Jonatan natura salvaje View
Lara Cordobes, Jose AZUL View
Lara Cordobes, Jose VIDA DE PERROS View
López Cepero Mateos, Manuel MANOS A LA OBRA View
López Cepero Mateos, Manuel SUEÑOS ROBADOS View
March, Cesar El soldador View
March, Cesar Lady in red View
March, Cesar Me cae la baba de verte View
Mariscal López, Juan Azul View
Mariscal López, Juan La huida View
Mariscal López, Juan paraguas View
Morales Clavijo, Fernando Amanecr en Bornos View
Morales Clavijo, Fernando Cormoranes en Algar View
Moreno Villar, Santos Moroccan View
Moreno Villar, Santos Smile View
Moreno Villar, Santos Snail View
Olivera Amaya, Miguel Gomphus simillimus 001 View
Olivera Amaya, Miguel I. graellsii hembra infusca View
Olivera Amaya, Miguel Orthetrum chrysostigma I View
Olivera Amaya, Miguel Platicnemis acutipennis DIPLOMA View
Pascual Soler , Carmen Victoriana View
Perez Murguiondo, Ibon Alameda III View
Perez Murguiondo, Ibon Condemnatio II View
Rodríguez Salgado, Fernando La Redera View
Ruiz Dueso, Jorge Lavander Fields View
Ruiz Dueso, Jorge Purple sunset View
Ruiz Dueso, Jorge Sunrise in Gueirua DIPLOMA View
Ruiz Dueso, Jorge Vasco da Gama View
Sanz Bernal, Mar Fantasía4 View
Satriani Calvi, Giuseppe Silvi View
Taltavull Salord, Josep Ahí está View
Aguilera Vilamajó , Neus maleta View
Alasraki Alberti, Carles Curios View
Badenas Bueno, Bernardo Rocas Planes 2 View
Barbany Bosch, Toni aguila desafiante View
Barbany Bosch, Toni BOMBETA QUINQUE View
Barbany Bosch, Toni salto letal View
Buxó Briquets, Joan Entre cames View
Casellas Pla, Isabel Tristesa View
Checa Colmena, Javier Contemplando BRONZE MEDAL FAF View
Checa Colmena, Javier Pendiente View
Colell Canes, Ramon sol View
Colell Canes, Ramon solid View
Domènech Aguilà, Josep Ramon Xarxa View
Estrada Ferrer, Miquel Oficina View
Estrada Ferrer, Miquel Plaster masks View
Fernandez Rubiales, Salvador Caracter!!! View
Frias Pérez, Carlos El violin View
Frias Pérez, Carlos odegon con cebollas View
Frias Pérez, Carlos Rojo sobre blanco View
Garballo Barrionuevo, Antonio El corro View
Garballo Barrionuevo, Antonio Percepción View
Garcia Pitarch, Pili Mask of Venetto View
Gil, Joan Afarolado View
Gil, Joan Renal bubbles View
Guijarro Carril, Tino Dama amb Pamela View
Guijarro Carril, Tino Fallen Goddess View
Guijarro Carril, Tino Monica tras el cristal GOLD MEDAL PSA View
Justicia Carrasco, Francisco Jose Decay Harlequin View
Justicia Carrasco, Francisco Jose Little crazy clowns View
Justicia Celdran, Pedro José SILENCIO View
Justicia Celdran, Pedro José WARRIOR View
Lacunza Nasterra, Txema La Roca View
Lacunza Nasterra, Txema Retrato a un motero View
Lacunza Nasterra, Txema Spartan 88240 SILVER MEDAL CEF View
Lacunza Nasterra, Txema Tocando el violonchelo View
Laguna Jiménez, Juan Entierro en la niebla View
Laguna Jiménez, Juan Iluminacion en el mar View
Leandro Serrano, Luis Dunas View
Leandro Serrano, Luis La Mariposa View
Leandro Serrano, Luis La Mariquita View
Lizancos García, Juan Carlos peras View
López Flores, María Fiesta View
López Flores, María Holy View
Lupión Manzano, Manuel La Familia View
Luque Ledesma, Yolanda Carbonera View
Mimó Bayo, Joan Rocas Planes View
Monegal Calduch, Ramon Castildetierra View
Monegal Calduch, Ramon Rocafort de Queralt View
Moneny Márquez, Josep Miquel GALICIA View
Montserrat Ribes, José Maria Equilibrium View
Montserrat Ribes, José Maria Ready for a new adventure View
Montserrat Ribes, José Maria Superación View
Muñoz Alba, José Antonio CASTELLERS_02 View
Muñoz Ramos, Francisco Homenaje a Sorolla View
Murillo López, Víctor Ciutat sumergida View
Noguero Cazorla, Andreu Himba ulls blaus View
Noguero Cazorla, Andreu Tardor al Okawango View
Oriol Riera, Cosme ALES DE MANTIS View
Piqué Vericat, Jordi Bodegó 2018-22 View
Planas Salvador, M Victoria Looking at the sea View
Planas Salvador, M Victoria sisters raw friends View
Planas Salvador, M Victoria Sombras View
Pont Roca, Marta KARLA View
Pont Roca, Marta KERY View
Pont Roca, Marta TAU View
Pont Roca, Marta TRENET View
Puigcerver Oliván, Manel Spagat View
Quesada Belmonte, Gregorio arrozales en sapa View
Quesada Belmonte, Gregorio el RIÓ View
Sanz Rubio, Ruben Palla a Pals View
Serra Arias, Cristina Natura morta 81 View
Serra Arias, Cristina Natura morta 83 View
Serra Arias, Cristina Retrat 6 View
Valdés Osuna, Josep Manostijeras View
Ventura Carbó, Jordi Brihuega View
Ventura Carbó, Jordi La cocinera de Agra View
Vigo Arjona, Antonio Fruit de tardor View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Csomortani, Istvan Joya View
Csomortani, Istvan Magic hand View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Zurmühle, Martin Beauty View
Zurmühle, Martin Sun Dance View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Lee, Hsiu-chin child labor View
Lee, Hsiu-chin Grabbed child View
Lee, Hsiu-chin Yawning child View
Wang, Lung-tsai Burma2 View
Wang, Lung-tsai sea eagle3 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Chaturapitapon, Duangmon Inle Fishermen View
Chaturapitapon, Duangmon Morning Tales 1 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Ceylani, Abdullah Yalcin Ceylani holy moments View
Yilmaz, Gul stove View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Baines, Anthony J Baines Cranes and Trains View
Baines, Anthony J Baines Smoke and Vapour View
Collins, Brian Girl on a Train View
Collins, Brian Lao Schoolgirl View
Collins, Clare 1 2 3 View
Field, Steve Angels Bonnets View
Jenkin, Barbara Life at the Top View
Jenkin, Malcolm Bold Strength 1 View
Mohanraj, Arun TREE FROG WITH EGGS View
Mortimer, David Eve at the Arsenale View
Mortimer, David Smugglers Cove View
Stone, Marie-laure Erotica View
Stone, Marie-laure Mishing boys View
Stuart, David Fading Flowers View
Turley, Robert A Dangerous Game View
Turley, Robert A Male Panther Chameleon MENTION CEF View
Winston, Richard Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer trio View
Winston, Richard European Bee-eater Spreading its Wings View
Woolgar, Christine Blue Marine Lake View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Bui, Triet Bike Racing View
Bui, Triet Dust Road View
Cheuk, Shu Beetle Byway View
Cheuk, Shu Mesia Cuddling View
Dickerson, Terry Spider Moon View
Dickerson, Terry Young Prince View
Meisenheimer, David Awaiting Takeoff View
Nemeroff, Ira San Diego 44 View
Nemeroff, Ira San Diego 51 View
Sokolskaya, Valentina Bee Emerging View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Huynh Nam, Dong Cau May View
Huynh Nam, Dong Mat troi cua me 2 View
Le, Duc Toai Dance in the sea View
Le, Duc Toai Life on the river DIPLOMA CHAIRMAN View
Nguyen, Duy Tuong Lake Tuyen Lam 9 View
Nguyen, Duy Tuong Starting season 2 View
AUTHOR Image title awards
Crowland, John Coal Angel View
Stickler, Dan Pink Gerbera View
Stickler, Dan Slowly Dying View